Cami Anderson, Chris Christie, and Community Criticism

I am truly flummoxed. Back in September, Governor Christie claimed that he did not care about community criticism. No, he said so. Really. Governor Christie, when stating that he planned to reappoint Cami Anderson as Supercommandant, oops, superintendent, of Newark Public Schools, declared that he did not care about community criticism. Thing is, he appears to care quite a great deal about community criticism, as evidenced by his latest unequivocal denial of any knowledge of Bridgegazi. Hasn’t he already done that? Why on earth would he feed the media frenzy by revisiting the situation, if not to fend off negative community criticism? It’s all so confusing; politicians, they just never seem to get their stories straight.

Here’s a thought, Governor. Only a short time ago, you had a damn good bipartisan approval rating, not just in your state, but nationally. A lot can happen between now and 2016, Governor. It isn’t as if you repeatedly sent pics of your genitals to nubile young women, or played hide the cigar with an intern. (Sorry for the images, those of you who just had, or are about to have, dinner)

If we give you the benefit of the doubt, Governor, you had no idea what was going on with Bridgegate/Bridgegazi; your underlings were solely responsible for it. I suppose the fact that it went on for several days without your recognizing that it perhaps required looking into can be chalked up to not caring about community criticism, and I must say, that is a truly heroic, admirable quality in a man who got to where he is by appealing to the community for votes. Nevertheless, I did say we would give you the benefit of the doubt. So . . . let’s consider one of your underlings:

Cami Anderson is making a mockery of democracy. She exudes contempt for Newark families, going so far as to place them in harm’s way, and she used her authority to attempt to silence those who have a difference of opinion about her plan to close schools, leading to a federal lawsuit. Given your questionable supervision of those other pesky underlings, would it not be prudent to address one whose actions are right in front of you, on full display before all of us, in fact?

It is not as if you are uncomfortable getting rid of people in your administration. Political savvy, moral obligation, community criticism? Regardless, you would not have to feel too badly about unburdening Newark schools of Cami Anderson. She will be snapped up right away, perhaps by Bill Gates, or perhaps she will join the lecture circuit of alleged “education reformers” who are so sure of their policies, practices, and principles that they are afraid to debate real experts, such as Dr. Diane Ravitch.

I personally think you have the ability to redeem yourself, but you are going to have to at least *pretend* you care what the voters think. You know, voters. Remember them? Voters are those crazy people who are behind things like community criticism.


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